Disinfecting and
sterilizing the air
with UVC light

The arrival of new pathogens forces us to shift up a gear. Many solutions to combat pathogens are already present in nature. Scientists discovered that UVC light could help to combat bacteria, fungi and viruses.

Disinfect air with UV-C light

Especially in rooms where ventilation is difficult or impossible, UV-C is a good solution. UV-C light at a wavelength of 254 nm is an effective disinfectant.

UVA, UVB and UVC can be applied for disinfection. However, UVC is the only type of UV radiation that is sufficiently intense to fight disease-causing organisms.

For this purpose, UVC lighting systems in hospitals have proven helpful for decades.

in support of
UVC disinfection

UV-C lamps versus UV-C devices,
which is better?

UV-C lamps and devices are both able to kill harmful micro-organisms. However, UV-C lights are also dangerous to humans, whereas UV-C devices are not.

UV-C lamps are to be used only in rooms where you are not present. After all, UV-C light can permanently damage your skin and eyes.

Our devices incorporate the UV-C light in a sealed cabinet to prevent contact with harmful radiation.. The air is drawn in through the device and is returned 'clean' to the outside.

Unsure what
the best solution
is for you?


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How do I select the appropriate UVC device?

Depending on the space and the application, you may need one or several units. Infralia will gladly help you select an air steriliser.

The choice and number of the appropriate device for each room or space depends on:

  • The volume, surface area and shape of the room.
  • The assembly options: recessed, surface mounted, free-standing or mobile.
  • The combination possibilities with infrared heating.
  • Your taste and the decoration of the room.
Not sure which is the best solution for you? We will help you.

Airflow UVC

Infralia's patented solution

The Airflow is a UVC steriliser used to clean air contaminated by viruses, bacteria and other pathogens. The Airflow is fan-driven to provide fast and long-lasting air circulation.

Airflow UVC does not use a filter; filters can eventually become a breeding ground for harmful micro-organisms.

Instead, the Airflow uses independent chambers to neutralise micro-organisms, dust particles and aerosols.

Compression chamber

The multi-blade fan inhales fresh air into the steriliser's airflow to form a continuous stream. The airflow containing suspended particles is then directed along a rectilinear path to enter the first cleaning chamber.

Cleaning chamber

Each cleaning chamber is programmed with fine hydromechanics to get the airflow in the right shape to enter the next zone. Repeated and intensive UV light irradiation at 254.7 nm/184.7 nm ensures the maximum elimination of harmful particles.

Hybrid chamber

The Micron-E system combines different air flows and converts them into large flows at a lower speed. Small particles thus become larger, negatively charged particles. These particles are then neutralised with the help of electricity and thus without a filter.


  • 1

    The Solo Airflow UVC is a WiFi, voice and radio-controlled steriliser for ceiling or wall mounting. This device can sterilise 85 m³ of air per hour and is suitable for rooms from 25 m².

  • 2

    The Airflow UVC for SuninS is a sterilising dock for the ceiling that works in sync with the SuninS infrared heater. This unit can sterilise 225 m³ of air per hour, making it ideal for rooms up to 20 m³.

  • 3

    The Guard is a free-standing unit that is suitable for both home and commercial use. The device is easy to move and, like the Airflow units, can sterilise 85 m³ of air per hour.

  • 4

    The Tornado is a mobile device. Thanks to the wheels, moving the device is a piece of cake. This device is suitable for schools, offices, senior citizens' homes, doctors' surgeries, and private homes.

Where is UVC disinfection useful?

At home or
in the office

A subtle system safe for people and pets

Hotels and
hospitality businesses

Creates a safe and clean environment

Health care practices
and hospitals

Ensures perfect sterilisation 24/7/365


Easy to conceal; operates continuously and automatically

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