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Infrared indoor heating

Our product range is extensive and often a world in itself for a new user.

Did you know that living room and bathroom heaters use different methods? That's where we make the difference between quick and continuous heating.

Did you know that infrared can save you money? As the air is not heated, you avoid wasting energy.

Infrared outdoor heating

Contrary to what you think, infrared systems are not only for the catering industry; you can also use them privately.

Should you choose a free-standing, wall or ceiling model? That depends on your situation. Come along for a word of explanation.

Infrared outdoor heaters allow you to heat small and large terraces in no time.

Toonzaal Infralia
Infralia UVC Luchtsterilisator

Air sterilization & disinfection

In addition to heating, Infralia also offers air sterilisation units based on UV-C light.

Clean air has become an important part of our reality. Ultraviolet light offers an advanced alternative to ventilation with polluting filters.

Use it on its own or combine it with a Surya infrared heater.

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