UV-C lamps and devices are both capable of killing harmful micro-organisms. The difference is that UV-C lights are dangerous to humans, whereas UV-C devices are harmless.

Why are UV-C lamps dangerous?

As UV-C lamps are dangerous for humans, their use needs to be limited to empty rooms. UV-C light can permanently damage your skin and eyes. For this reason, UV-C lamps come with a remote control or a timer. The use of a lamp, therefore, has its limitations.

With devices such as the Airflow Steriliser, the UV-C light is contained in a sealed cabinet so that you do not come into contact with harmful radiation. The air is drawn in through the appliance and is then released cleanly. Therefore, you can use this appliance 24/7.

UVC Lamp

A second reason why UV-C lamps can be dangerous is that some devices generate ozone. Ozone is harmful to the respiratory tract and can even cause asthma and other lung problems in the long run. With a disinfection lamp, this is not the case.

Finally, UV-C lamps can contain mercury. In itself, this is not a problem. However, if you accidentally damage the device, the mercury may be released, which in time may cause all kinds of vague health problems.

A lamp will initially cost a lot less, but the risks are far higher. In terms of safety and efficiency, a sealed UV-C unit is a better option.

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