There are several benefits to infrared heating, including:

✅ Infrared heating is inexpensive to install. You do not need any pipes or boiler, so you can easily do the installation yourself with the help of the manual. You can also take this device with you when you move.

✅ Infrared heating provides non-drying heat. It’s similar to the sun but without harmful UV rays. Rooms remain optimal in terms of moisture levels, and your skin is no longer too dry during the winter months.

✅ Infrared heating is an energy-efficient heating system. Infrared devices provide you and your environment with heat where and when you want it. This way, you can save up to 50% on energy. Even with an open window, heat will not disappear quickly because of the way it is stored.

✅ Infrared heating reduces electricity costs. One of the advantages of infrared heating is the shorter heating time and the fact that you need less power. Moreover, thanks to the thermostats and switches, you can choose where and when to use the devices.

Energy saving Infrared

✅ Infrared heating ensures a constant temperature. Unlike conventional heating, there are no peaks or troughs, and you’ll never be far above or below the desired room temperature.

✅ Infrared heating is discreetly present. An infrared heater is sleek and compact, and it does not make annoying noises. The musty smell characteristic of traditional heating is also completely gone.

✅ Infrared heating requires little or no maintenance. The devices do not attract dust, and the panels can last up to 100,000 hours. Each part can also be operated separately or replaced.

✅ Infrared heating is good for your health. In contrast to traditional heaters, infrared does not emit dust and is therefore safe for people with allergies. Also, mould has no chance to develop.

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