Air sterilization with UV-C light is the breakthrough for clean and healthy air indoors!

It is becoming increasingly clear that UV-C technology will play a crucial part in the fight for clean and healthy air indoors. Previously proven successful in industrial and medical environments, ultraviolet light can now play a role in other sectors worldwide. 

A study from Boston University has shown that UV-C, especially the 254 nm wavelength, is the best non-toxic technology to kill viruses, bacteria and fungi. UV-C light damages the RNA / DNA of viruses to avoid further mutations and prevent them from entering the human body.

Infralia has developed the Aerodynamic UVC Air Sterilizer Guare Up (CE certification & patent no EP20193696) for use in crowded places. Its goal is to prevent the spread of and damage done by airborne pathogens. This way, the UVC Sterilizer can create a healthy environment 24/7.

The aerodynamic UV-C air steriliser is suitable for small to medium-sized rooms. Think of schools, offices, hospitality, hospital rooms, rooms for the elderly, hotel rooms, restaurants, doctor’s and dentist’s offices, and also in private rooms such as a living room, bedroom or bathroom. In short, in any indoor area where people are together!

Airflow UV-C Sterilizer Guard Up Features:

  • Design: a stylish device for wall mounting or installation in the ceiling, available in black and white versions.
  • Efficient: reduces the aerosol presence of harmful bacteria, viruses and microbes. One hour will cover 85 m³ space.
  • No filter: filters are perfect breeding grounds for pathogens.
  • Safe: the ozone-free UVC lamps are installed in three semi-closed disinfection chambers, avoiding direct skin or eye contact.
  • Quiet: a high-performance quiet fan, with working noise lower than 25db. Our device meets EU night noise requirements and promotes a comfortable sleeping environment.
  • Easy to use: easy device control through the one-button remote control, wifi or your voice.
  • Lightweight: with a depth of 7 cm and a weight of only 5 kg, the sterilizer is compact and modern.
  • UV sterilisation is currently one of the most advanced sterilisation technologies. By irradiation, UV-C light can kill 99% of bacteria and viruses in a very short time, without producing toxic residues. UV-C disinfection technology is widely used in water purification, air purification and other areas. Most hospital-grade air sterilizers also use UV-C light as the preferred method of sterilization.
  • Officially approved as a ventilation purification system by the Federal Public Health Authority and the Task Force Covid19 (Belgium)

ProductAirflow UVC
Dimensions300 x 600 x 70 mm
Weight5 kg
Voltage220V/50 Hz
Power50 W
Compressed air speed85 m³ per hour
Room volume65 m³
Germicidal power36 W
UV-C density26530 um/cm²

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