ThermoUp heated towel rails – a modern approach for the comfort creation. Ease of use, environmental friendliness and stylish aesthetics are the three basic advantages of our innovative product.

The functionality of the heated towel rail is ensured by the rapid heating of the glass panel and the ergonomic railing arrangement for towels. Safety of operation is confirmed by the European certificate with protection class IP54.

The innovative ThermoUp Dry product line includes two types of towel rails:

  • With one heating zone: ThermoUp Dry Side
  • With two heating zones: ThermoUp Dry Double 

Characteristics of ThermoUp Dry

  • Graceful elongated proportions.
  • Two color schemes: white frame/mirror.
  • Suitable for drying wide bath towels.
  • Can be used for drying large format clothes (trousers, raincoats, jumpers).
  • Two zones advanced functions (dual-zone): the upper during operation is heated to 90 °C, the lower to 60 °C.
  • Ability to separately enable / disable functional zones.

In the set:

1 x towel dryer
1 x removable rail with set of fasteners
1 x set of remote fasteners to fix the device to the wall
1 x operating instructions and warranty card
1 x packaging box with stencil