The SuninS Surya high speed Radiant Heater is the first hybrid space heater, supporting a sole radiation output as well as a radiation and convection hybrid output. It heats up both closed and open areas in seconds.

High speed infrared radiant heater

Whereas a traditional convection heater heats up the air and a traditional heater acts as a heat beamer, the SuninS heater will combine the advantages from both products, as well as exclude their disadvantages. By its use of highly efficient heat transfer and cold-heat exchange technology, this product is more energy efficient than any other radiator.

Powered by unidirectional heat transferring technology and air-shielding technology, the SuninS heater is using brand new electric heating technology. This, in turn, is supported by the unique bio-silica layer technology.

SuninS-Surya is more than a radiant heater, it’s the first hybrid heating system in the world, heating up spaces in seconds:
Combining with both advantages from radiation and convection heat.
Powered by IOT sensors and logics circuits, SuninS-Surya can work in different output modes, optimized for both indoor and outdoor heating purpose.

SuninS-Surya is more than a space heater, it’s a platform dedicated to improve the whole living climate atmosphere.
With modern cutting-edge technologies to re-realize the beneficial natural solar light’s electromagnetic spectrums;
SuninS-Surya creates an unparalleled comfort, clean and healthy living climate in your home and office.
Like no other:
SuninS-Surya cares about energy-saving, cares more about you and the environment you’re living in.
SuninS-Surya not only provides rich radiant heat, but also maintains a healthy and warm indoor climate.
Reducing your annual heating costs is the primary service, yet, not the only one.

User-friendly infrared heater

The Surya heater performs a wide-angle radiation and covers up to 4.5 m (* lab data) radiation distance. This radiant heater creates a comfortable atmosphere attuned to your somatosensory warming experience. This product uses intelligent heat management and smart logic circuits. Due to its automated space heating settings, SuninS Surya is an energy-saving way to heat up rooms.

Thanks to its centralized remote controller, the Surya heater can easily manage humidity and temperature. This way, both energy efficiency and comfortable warmth can be equally achieved. The high-temperature heater can be used as a platform, herby realizing all beneficial sunlight spectrums by using advanced technology. This creates a full-range convenient solution for both living and working conditions.

Product options

Extensive modules can be installed at both ends of the SuninS, such as the 9~300W super lumen LED light module, an air-ventilation module, a bluetooth audio module, a wireless audio broadcasting module, an active sterilizer module, a passive air purifier module, an exhausted fan module, a fresh air module, a display module, …

Primary technologies in Surya

1. Temperature Leap technology: 200~330°C
2. Bio-layer motivating technology: FIR spectrum, 170° emitting angle, 8m projecting distance.
3. Air-shield technology
4. Unidirectional conductive technology
5. Active electrostatic EMR-shielding technology
6. Thermo electric separation structure technology
7. Broad area distributed capacity balancing technology
8. Intelligent thermal management with thermal link control
9. Force-balanced heat exchange technology
10. Self-adaptive temp-humidity balancing technology
11. Self-adaptive hybrid output controlling technolgy
12. Multiple remote controlled channels
13. Multiple disposable & reversible safety mechanism
14. Power platform: Providing hardware & software management to other appliances
15. Auto-delay, Auto-timing

Technical features

Manufacturing Characteristics

  • Dual treatment with enhanced FIR converting layer
  • Rear unidirectional heat absorption coating
  • Front heat form conversion coating;
  • Far-infrared radiant motivating bio-layer: emits 96~98% of heat in far infrared form, up to 95% in 8~12nm far-infrared
  • Nano-microcrystalline state treatment: Super heat dissipation efficiency
  • Safer temperature, large radiation area
  • High corrosion-resisting, wear-resisting, thermal shock- resisting property
  • Optional Nano-silver anti-bacteria surface coating


  • Multiple auto-timing program
  • Multiple remote controlling channels
  • Intelligent temperature linkage controlling
  • Wireless thermostat supporting
  • Intelligent thermal management
  • Three-grade temperature monitoring


  • All stainless steel body
  • Multiple install position fixture ports
  • Electric extensional ports reserved: providing software & hardware management platform
  • Dozens selective feature modules for all-round living improvement.


  • All-metal shielding
  • Active electrostatic shielding (fully eliminating EMF/electromagnetic radiation)
  • Thermoelectric separation structure technology
  • Large-area distributed capacity balancing technology
  • Air-shield heat insulation technology
  • Intelligent working status with current monitoring
  • Enhanced safe temperature monitoring: intelligent linkage adjusting system, triple over-heat protection
  • Auto-delay heat dissipation feature

Heat function

  • Instant heat: 5 seconds to output
  • Dual separated heating circuits: Self-adaptive with further circuit support
  • Hybrid heating: Majority in radiation, partially in convection; can be adapted from 90:10 into 50:50 ratio with further circuit support.
  • Force-balanced heat exchange system
  • Self-adaptive temperature-humidity balancing heating technology with further circuit support

Fresh-air system

  • High-temp. aluminium magnesium alloy ventilator
  • Long life-span (8h/day, 34yrs expected lifetime)
  • Dual balls bearing;
  • Silent working (40dB), high pressure (0.34INH2O)
  • High air flow (160m³/h)

Available models

The SuninS Surya heater is available in various sizes and versions.

Surya’s heat output measurement (5 min)