SuninA Aruna is the first hybrid drying and sterilising platform that combines three drying solutions: radiant heat drying, hot wind drying and cool wind drying. The user can choose one of these modes dependant on its drying objects, user’s preference and climate conditions.

Aruna multifunctional dryer

This product can independently use radiant heat drying, cool wind drying or a combination of both settings. Cool wind drying will not affect the performance of radiant heat drying. The SuninA heater is managed by an intelligent logic circuit that produces a high level of intelligent and automated drying, while also saving energy.

Thanks to its directional radiant heat, the Aruna dryer is perfect for drying 3-dimensional objects. It delivers direct energy which makes the dryer, compared to a traditional dryer, much more energy-efficient.

Aruna grants its objects a self-drying process which helps shorten the drying period as well as improve the drying quality. Meanwhile, direct heat delivery can eliminate bacteriae and quickly break down bacteriea breeding-ground.

Innovative drying process

Cool wind drying

When you want to save energy, choosing a dryer using cool wind is the best solution. This way, the product can be applied throughout the year, even in summer or non-heating periods.

The cool-wind dryer uses very little energy to dry user objects such as towels. Futhermore, it improves the quality of life, but will not affect living conditions such as room temperature.

Innovative hybrid drying

When directional radiant heat drying and cool wind drying are both activated, the product will start a self-looping convectional heat circulation surrounding the objects. Using the three drying solutions at the same time will greatly shorten the drying period.

Aruna extensions

Two extension docks are reserved at the head and bottom of the product. The user can choose electric extensional modules based on their needs. The extensions are meant to improve user’s ease of life.

As for the head dock, installing the cool-wind drying module is highly suggested. However, as to the user’s preference, it can be replaced by other electric modules such as a LED light module.

As for the bottom dock, installing the sterilizer box module is highly suggested. This sterilizer box module combines UVC sterilizing technology and another cool-wind drying feature, specialized for sterilizing and drying daily articles such as toothbrushes, razors and other personal care tools. If desired, this box module can be switched with other electric modules such as an active environment sterilizer module.

Both frames of the product contains a couple of fixtures which are reserved for different drying racks (according to the quantity and variety of objects) as well as optional storage shelves.