The infrared heating panels have a nice design with a white metal surface and temperature indication. The temperature setting can be done on the panel, to regulate the ambient temperature in the room.

Our wall-mounted Infrared heating panels are the ultimate solution for direct Far Infrared Heat projection with high performance:

  • With a high-level installation, the heat radiation comes from an open overhead space and directly projects on all room objects’ surfaces, like sofa, walls, floor…etc., which are capable to absorb and stock up the infrared energy. Within hours these objects will slowly and gently release the stocked energy back to the room space, from the floor to the ceiling, and maintain the room warm for a long period.
  • Our technology gives immediate warmth and even heat energy distribution all over the room. This is a proven advantage, compared to convection heat, which first heats the ceiling and then the floor space. The needed temperature in the room can be adjusted by the integrated thermostat on the metal surface panel heaters. Once the temperature is reached the panel heater automatically switches off.
  • With a wide radiation angle and long radiation projecting distance; our space-saving installation allows you to choose the heat radiation’s direction and its covering range.
  • Constant-stay areas are the places where people will spend more time daily, such as the living room (sofa), bathroom, kitchen area, study room, bedroom; etc. The inconstant-stay areas are where people seldom stay, such as a hallway. We advise installing our infrared panel heaters in places where the heat is projected in these constant-stay areas. It will give you the maximum benefit of energy-saving when you have a warm home!

This is our mission: Heat when and where ever needed!

These are the different models :

Artikel Power (Watt length (mm) width (mm) thickness (mm) heating area (m²)
SWRE 400 400 813 377 14 8
SWRE 700 700 1123 471 14 14
SWRE 1000 1000 1223 571 14 20