Matrix is the first ceiling energy platform equipped with all-round spatial solutions, for optimal energy distribution and usage.

Matrix is built-up by multiple solo feature modules, each of which is for some specific spatial issue.

According to environment’s needs, one or many of these feature modules can be freely selected and easily integrated into the Matrix system to form into a giant multi-functioning network. Matrix conducts these modules working in solo or in group to provide integrative & all-round spatial solutions.

Powered by the cutting-edge technologies and innovative algorithm, Matrix offers the new energy-saving idea: Directional – Positioning – Rationing supply, controlling energy supply in the ways of centralization, intelligence and automation.

With the innovative algorithm, Matrix is able to format the whole space into multiple small virtual vertical spaces, each of which is seen as independent space.

With the cutting-edge technologies, the Matrix conducts energy flow quickly transferred among these virtual spaces: Realizing a targeted and regional energy supply, and reducing energy waste in non-targeted areas.

The Matrix optimizes the energy supply and usage, to low down energy consumption in a way no other system did ever before!

Advantages of Matrix

  • Directional, positioning and rationing energy supply, intelligent energy supply management, operated under IOT framework.
  • Improve space utilization:
    • No invading into active space, minimum space occupying.
    • Flexible installation, suspension cable hung or embedded into ceiling or wall mounted.
  •  Improve electric safety: the Matrix is with inbuilt wiring system, power gird is encapsulated inside, kept away from living space, ensuring a higher grade electrical safety.
  •  Save on materials cost: the Matrix’s wiring system and centralized CAN operating system, saves a lot decor expenditure on materials, such as power cables, switches, insulation materials, etc.
  •  Save on labor cost:
    • The Matrix is an independent installation, needs no reservation of construction period.
    • What is more, the joint system and modules of the Matrix are designed for quick assembly, requires no training.
  • Personalized decor setting: minimalist design, modularized module design, are for piecing together into any shape.
  • All-round spatial solutions:
    • According to environment’s and user’s preference, more than one dozen selective feature modules for all kinds of needs.
    • Feature modules are the ongoing development, for residential, commercial, industrial or agriculture environments.
  • A crossed set up of the Matrix ceiling system can be installed to heat where is needed.

The Matrix has four subsystems:

  • Matrix for residence
  • Matrix for commerce
  • Matrix for industry
  • Matrix for agriculture

Types, technologies and features

The Matrix module spec