The infrared radiant heater Surya is the first hybrid infrared heater, supporting a sole radiation output as well as a radiation and convection hybrid output. An UVC air-flow sterilization module can be installed on top. It heats up both closed and open areas in seconds.

Hybrid infrared radiant heater with UVC sterilization function.

Whereas a traditional convection heater heats up the air and a traditional heater acts as a heat beamer, the SuninS heater will combine the advantages from both products, as well as exclude their disadvantages. By its use of highly efficient heat transfer and cold-heat exchange technology, this product is more energy-efficient than any other radiator.

Powered by unidirectional heat transferring technology and air-shielding technology, the SuninS heater is using brand new infrared heating technology. This, in turn, is supported by the unique bio-silica layer technology.

Surya is more than a radiant heater, it’s the first hybrid heating system in the world, heating up spaces in seconds:
Combining with both advantages from radiation and convection heat.
Powered by IoT sensors and logics circuits, SuninS-Surya can work in different output modes, optimized for both indoor and outdoor heating purposes.

Surya is more than a space heater, it’s a platform dedicated to improving the whole living climate atmosphere.
With modern cutting-edge technologies to re-realize the beneficial natural solar light’s electromagnetic spectrums, SuninS-Surya creates an unparalleled comfort, clean and healthy living climate in your home and office.
Like no other:
Surya cares about energy-saving, cares more about you and the environment you’re living in.
Surya not only provides rich radiant heat but also maintains a healthy and warm indoor climate.
Reducing your annual heating costs is the primary service, yet, not the only one.

A user-friendly infrared radiant heater

The Surya heater performs wide-angle radiation and covers up to 4.5 m (* lab data) radiation distance. This radiant heater creates a comfortable atmosphere attuned to your somatosensory warming experience. This product uses intelligent heat management and smart logic circuits. Due to its automated space heating settings, SuninS Surya is an energy-saving way to heat up rooms.

Thanks to its centralized remote controller, the Surya heater can easily manage humidity and temperature. This way, both energy efficiency and comfortable warmth can be equally achieved. The high-temperature heater can be used as a platform, herby realizing all beneficial sunlight spectrums by using advanced technology. This creates a full-range convenient solution for both living and working conditions.

Product options

Extensive modules can be installed at both ends of the SuninS, such as the 9~36W super lumen LED light module, an air-ventilation module, a Bluetooth audio module, a wireless audio broadcasting module, an active sterilizer module, a passive air purifier module, an exhausted fan module, a fresh air module, a display module, …

Primary sterilization technologies in the Surya Radiant Heater

  1. Environment Heat-dry sterilization. High-density FIR radiation, 8m distance maximum
    Surya is projecting direct FIR heat energy on all surfaces in its front. FIR has very good thermal efficiency.
    All object temperatures will raise, moisture will be quickly evaporated.
    This is breaking down the breeding beds for bacteria/pathogens, which prefers a warm and wet condition.
    An updated study shows that in moisture conditions, the COVID-19 pathogen can live more than 5~9days on the
    surface, but its activity is significantly getting very low if the temperature is raised up to 30℃.
  2. Air-flow & environment UVC sterilization. With the extensional UVC sterilization module. The UVC module projects upwards with high-density UVC
    to form into a “Kill zone” damaging bacteria/pathogen DNA in the air. Because of negative pressure generated by the ventilator, air-flow moves in a spiral or winding course.
    It makes any airborne bacteria/pathogen stay longer within the “kill zone”.
    UVC density is 18W in 0.1m³, 180 times more than UVC sterilization requires, which would help to shorten the sterilization period down 0.16 seconds so that the bacteria/pathogen DNA would
    be damaged to die.
  3. Air-flow high-temp sterilization. A large air-cooled heat exchanging cavity is constantly working at 240℃.
    A 240℃ high-temp cavity is working like an oven, with three separated curved air flues.
    The Surya ventilator is compressing cool air into the cavity, to mix with the heat to generate the hybrid heat.
    The airflow will be slowed down, travelling through the complicated inner frame structure, if there is any airborne bacteria/pathogen in the airflow, a high-temp condition will help to dehydrate, lower down its activity or even kill them.
  4. Air-flow contact sterilization. With a large area 320℃ FIR motivating surface, any airborne bacteria/pathogen which contacts the surface
    would be burnt in milli-second because of ultra-high temperature. A Temp-leap technology shortens initial working time to only 3minutes to reach a peak working temperature.
    The ventilator’s air volume exchanging capacity is 100cfm=170m³/h, circulating hot and cold air in the room, forced bringing the air to contact the FIR hot surface
    to enhance the sterilization result.

Available models

The Surya radiant heater is available in various sizes and versions.

DimensionsPowerConfigurationHeat Booster
303 x 503 x 22 (+50) mm600/1200 WHighYes
303 x 503 x 22 (+50) mm1200/2400 WHighYes
303 x 503 x 22 mm600/1200 WLowNo
303 x 1003 x 22 mm1200/2400 WLowNo

Surya’s heat output measurement (5 min)