Infralia’s introduction of the world’s first Direct Infrared Radiant Heater with higher performance, ecological footprint and very nice thin design. It represents a significant advancement in the realm of heating appliances, for indoor and outdoor as well. This innovative product replaces a traditional infrared panel heater or convection heater.
We try to stand out of the crowd with innovation, performance and design.

Key features of the Infralia G-Cera Infrared Radiant Heater may include:

Far Infrared Heating

The Infralia G-Cera  Infrared Radiant Heater utilizes advanced state of the art, far infrared heating technology. This ensures fast, efficient and comfortable heating for your space, while avoiding the drawbacks of traditional heaters such as slow heating, drying the air, and a nasty design. One unit of the biggest model can warm up a space of 40m².

Smart Controls

The G-Cera Radiant Heater can be controlled via a user-friendly interface, remote control, or even smartphone app. This allows for precise control of the heating function. Users can adjust heat intensity, temperature by thermostat, and even set timers for heating.

Safety Features

Safety is a top priority, and the Infralia G-Cera Infrared Radiant Heater is designed with multiple safety features such as overheat protection.

Energy Efficiency

Infralia’s product is designed with energy efficiency in mind, allowing users to enjoy the cosy warmth and ambiance of the sun, without the associated high energy costs. Features are integrated to reduce the needed power.

Easy Installation

Installation is straightforward and typically does not require a chimney or venting system. This makes it suitable for a wide range of settings, from homes to apartments and offices. Just fix the G-Cera high on the wall or on the ceiling, and plug in to the wiring. It can be embedded into the ceiling as well. There are no installation costs required, just a 220volt plug or 110volt for the US market.

Aesthetically Pleasing and ultra slim Design

The G-Cera infrared radiant heater is likely designed with aesthetics in mind, with a sleek and modern appearance that can complement various interior styles. With a thickness of no more than 20 mm, this infrared device is an extremely practical, yet stylish addition to any room.

In summary, Infralia’s G-Cera Infrared Radiant Heater promises to revolutionize the concept of home heating and ecology. With the efficient heating capabilities of far infrared technology, it offers a versatile and nice home heating experience without the hassle and maintenance associated with traditional wood or gas heaters. This product could become a focal point of comfort and relaxation in many homes.

Lengte (mm)Breedte (mm)Dikte (mm)Input (VAC)Rated Input (VAC)VermogenOppervlakte temperatuurBinnenbereikBuitenbereik
12002102085 - 265V230V - 50Hz2400W400Cmax 40m²max 20m²
6602102085 - 265V230V - 50Hz1200W400Cmax 20m²max 10m²


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