Infrared Radiant Heater Blacklight

The Infralia Infrared Radiant Heater Blacklight is an innovative and contemporary designed range of premium, high performance electric infrared heaters suitable for indoor and outdoor heating.

The BlackLight Radiant Heater is a stylish and energy-efficient heating option, using far-infrared radiant heating. ideal for outdoor undercover applications such as alfresco dining and BBQ areas, patio’s, pool houses, veranda’s, balconies, both residentially or commercially.
Indoor applications include spot heating in factories, showrooms, warehouses, assembly lines, halls etc., but also the best choice for private house rooms, such as in bathrooms, offices, living rooms, kitchens, etc.

A new experience in heating. A new sensation of a soft and expanding warming. Pleasant heating all day long. A discrete presence without any light and glare.

A new design, a new comfort zone!

Technical Specifications

ModelPower (W)Dimensions (mm)Weight (Kg)Color
9815D1500W1260 x 201 x 506.75Black
9818D1800W1440 x 201 x 507.4Black
9824D2400W1710 x 201 x 508.8Black
9832D3200W2110 x 201 x 5010.8Black
9815D1500W1260 x 201 x 506.75Silver
9818D1800W1440 x 201 x 507.4Silver
9824D2400W1710 x 201 x 508.8Silver
9832D3200W2110 x 201 x 5010.8Silver
Heater TypeHigh intensity electric radiant heater with high surface area profiled alloy
Power230-240 Volts Nominal at 50-60 Hertz, Single Phase
Mounting Height Minimum 2.1m
Recommended 2.3m to 2.7m
Maximum 3.0m (for higher ceiling heights, units can be lowered using optional bracket kits or refer to the Radiant Heater Max range)
Mounting OptionsSuitable for ceiling, wall, beam, fixed umbrella and recess mounting. Also available for extension mount using rigid fixing poles and mount bracket.
Protection RatingIP55 Protection from water ingress from all directions
Surface Temperature380°C

Running Cost Comparison

Running costsOutdoor Gas Heater
Blacklight Heater
Per Hour1,8 €/hour0,27 €/hour (27c per hour)0,36 €/hour (36c per hour)0,48 €/hour (48c per hour)
Per Year324 €48,60 €64,80 €86,40 €
Notes: Calculations of hourly running cost for an outdoor gas heater is based on 30 Euro. average to fill a 11kg propane gas bottle;
Electricity rate used in calculations is 20 cents/kW
Calculations of yearly running cost are based on 180 hours usage