The exceptional aesthetics and design of our infrared mirror heater SuninX provides an economical way to heat space whilst integrating a high-quality Bluetooth speaker and LED lighting, together with a towel dryer, air purification and other useful features. The perfect combination for luxuriating in the bathroom.

We ensure premium quality with only the highest quality components. Controls have been developed for easy use in mind, a simple programmable wireless controller together with a touchscreen pad on the mirror heater itself.

In addition to a stunning style, a crystal clear mirror and an integrated Bluetooth speaker, this bathroom mirror infrared heater will also significantly reduce heating costs, condensation and black spot mould in the bathroom and the necessity for constant mirror cleaning.

The difference between our SuninX heater mirror and other bathroom mirrors is that our mirror heats not only the mirror so that it is mist free at all times, but also heats the whole bathroom. No other form of heating is required so no wasted space with radiators taking up wall space.

Key features and benefits:

  • Frameless Infrared crystal clear mirror heater with single/dual control zones
  • Ambient integrated LED lighting with adjustable high-lumen LED
  • Integrated high-quality Bluetooth speakers for music pleasure
  • Integrated touchscreen controls
  • Wireless Remote control
  • Environment Sterilizer (medical grade)
  • Multiple fixture towel holders
  • Stainless body
  • High output (up to 110°C surface temperature)
  • High heat efficiency and very low energy consumption
  • Comes in crystal clear and in black version

Xlarge horizontal 45°

Instant and cosy heating for the bathroom

In most cases, the bathroom is limited space. A device that combines multiple features is a welcome addition to your bathroom. The multifunctional infrared heater from Infralia combines the features of a heater, a de-fogged mirror, a towel dryer, an environment sterilizer (medical grade) and lighting in one device. The only requirement is a power outlet.

This new product is a game-changer, its hybrid heating technology provides both infrared heat and convection heat, its infrared heat provides more pleasant and intense heating, directly warms the objects and people inside the room, provides a relaxing warmth and a sense of comfort, every time you step out the shower or bathtub.
Its convection heat makes the best use of every generated Joule heating circuit, while the cold air siphonage effect tactfully enhances its air-purifying function to force the toxic substances floating in the air to the HVEF(High Voltage Electrostatic Field) to proceed.

Infrared heating provides more pleasant and intense heating than air heating because there is no air circulation. In fact, an infrared heater warms the objects and people inside the room rather than the air. This radiant heating provides a relaxing warmth and a sense of comfort, every time you step out of the shower or bathtub.

slim with sterilization part

Multifunctional infrared mirror heater

This multifunctional infrared panel looks just like an ordinary mirror with some towel dryers. In fact, it is an electrical heating device that is powered by an outlet. In contrast with other ways of heating infrared panels are a very efficient way of heating. Combine this with the many other advantages of infrared heating and you understand why infrared heaters are very popular nowadays.

The multifunctional infrared heater from Infralia combines 6 technologies into 1 device.

1. LED lights
This multifunctional infrared heater has built-in high-lumen LED lights that provide pleasant lighting for your bathroom. Its lumen is adjustable.

2. Heating element
The heating element provides a quick and pleasant warmth. 2 minutes to obtain an 80% output, and within 5 minutes the panel already functions at full power. Its radiant heat warms the objects and people in the room rather than only the air.

3. Mirror with defogger
With the build-in defogger, the mirror is fully cleared within 30 seconds. Especially when used in the bathroom this is a very handy feature.

4. Towel dryer: auto-drying control
The infrared device is equipped with holders to dry your towels. The towel will dry fast and efficient through infrared heating.
Enhanced heating and drying mode: This infrared device has another working mode, when you want to use it as a space heater or when in high humidity climate, you need to dry your clothing, it will help to
get your most needed clothing dry, warm and ready.

5. Medical Grade Environment Sterilizer
This infrared panel sterilises the air in the bathroom. And because it dries the walls and your towels faster, germs and other unwanted stuff don’t stand a chance.

6. Intelligent information terminal (with upgrade module)
The heating device is equipped with smart technology. You can control it wirelessly or through the touch controls directly on the device.

More interesting functions coming with the upgrade module :
This device is originally designed for the bathroom, however, it’s fine engineering, aesthetic design and good performance would allow it to fit in other circumstances, with more interesting functions coming with an upgrade module, it will realize a lot of handy functions to re-create your living condition.
72 different lighting modes, remote monitoring, remote security, etc…

What heater could be used through all four seasons? The brand new Infralia all-purpose mirror heater!

Slim400 Watt300 x 1200 mm12 kg
Mega400 Watt600 x 700 mm12 kg
X Large800 Watt600 x 1200 mm24 kg