Why choose a Ceramic Infrared Heating Panel ?

A Ceramic Infrared Heating Panel is a compact and stylish electric thermopanel, made of natural materials, which is the modern alternative to traditional and expensive heating systems.
You can heat your apartment, country house or office paying 30% less !
These are some specific characteristics :

  • It gives heat like a warm stone
  • It doesn`t dry the air
  • 30% savings of electricity
  • Incredibly beautiful design
  • Silent
  • Economy

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How does the Ceramic Infrared Heating Panel work?

The panel combines two types of heating: infrared long waves and thermal convection, allowing uniformly to heat the room and maintain the comfortable microclimate.
The use of reflective sheet of magnesite in the different models enables to reach the maximum transfer of infrared heat waves across the ceramic surface, improving the quality and environment of your heater.

Infrared heating

Infrared heating is the most effective and rational type of heating, in comparison with other heat sources. Thanks to infrared heating objects are warmed up first in the room, transferring the heat step by step to the air.

In contrast to convective heating, where the air is firstly warmed up and it transfers in turn the heat to objects and people. Infrared heating transfers the heat through the long infrared waves that are most comfortable for people.

Our infrared heaters have an excellent design that can easily fit into any classic or modern interior.

What are the advantages :

Our panels have 4 times less power than oil heaters and convectors.
Due to the uniform heating and long thermal infrared wavelength they enable to save at least 30% in heating costs.

Stylish design
The Ceramic Hybrid Infrared Panel is compact and slim as the monitor (1.5 cm). It not only creates a comfortable indoor climate, but also fits into the most modern interiors.

You will get a high quality durable product of at affordable price

Absolutely silent
Only a comfortable microclimate will remind you of the presence of the heater.

Infrared and convection working principle
The Ceramic Hybrid Infrared Panel combines the advantages of two heaters: infrared (long heat waves) and convection.
This allows you to heat evenly the room and maintain the comfortable microclimate.

Easy to install and mobile
Ceramic boards installation takes less than 5 minutes. You do not need professional tools and special skills. Mounts with lock from children. During installation as the main heating IT DOES NOT REQUIRE any professional permits.

A Ceramic Hybrid Infrared Panel has beneficial properties for human health. They are made of natural stone and have a therapeutic effect, known as “stone therapy”.

Just install and forget!
30 years – lifetime.
2 years – warranty.
Heaters are resistant to voltage drops.

Get ready for monthly savings on your energy bill

The Ceramic Hybrid Infrared Panel, due to convection and infrared working principle, evenly heat the room, which can significantly save energy. In addition, our panels have 4 times less power in comparison with other types of heaters.

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Installation of panels

  1. According to the scheme (included in the set) mark places for the screws connection.
  2. In accordance with the marking make holes in the wall. Panel should be placed at the minimum distance of 20 cm from the floor.
  3. Screws and dowels are mounted.
  4. The panel is hanged on previously mounted dowels by durable fixtures. The heater is fixed on the wall by its own weight.
  5. The panel is connected to the socket (instruction for connecting included).
  6. Ready!

Enjoy the warmth of the environmentally friendly natural stone.