Large volume Air Purifier Cannon : Advanced UV-C Sterilization for Healthy Environments.

Introducing the Cannon Cannon Large Volume Air Purifier, a groundbreaking germicidal system with an innovative airflow design. Tailored for large and super-large spaces, this sterilizer provides high-powered UV-C instant sterilization while balancing temperature and humidity. Ideal for the food and beverage industry, agriculture, livestock, and expansive public areas such as airports metro stations etc, it ensures a clean and safe environment for both people and animals.

Benefits for the Food and Beverage Industry:

  1. Microbial Control for Optimal Product Quality: UV-C light ensures microbial control, maximizing product quality without the use of temperature, chemicals, or water.
  2. Residue-Free and Minimal Safety Equipment Requirements: Leaves no residue and requires minimal safety equipment, providing a safe and efficient sterilization solution.
  3. Improved Shelf Life without Artificial Preservatives: Enhances shelf life without the need for artificial preservatives, ensuring the natural freshness of products.
  4. Boosts Vitamin D Levels: UV-C can increase the vitamin D content in various products, such as milk, promoting nutritional benefits.

Additional Features:

  • Efficient Sterilization: Reduces the presence of bacteria, harmful microorganisms, and aerosols through intensive UV-C usage with 8×2 dual UVC germicidal lamps and photo-ionization.
  • No Hepa Filter: Unlike competitors, Infralia devices do not use a Hepa filter, eliminating potential breeding grounds for harmful microorganisms.
  • Safety First: Sterilization with 253.7 nm UV-C lamps that generate no ozone. The UV-C lamps are installed in semi-closed disinfection chambers, preventing direct skin or eye contact.
  • Silent Operation: Features a high-performance, silent fan with a working noise level of less than 100 dB.
  • User-Friendly: Easy-to-use with a one-button remote control, automatic circulation mode via wifi or voice control. No consumables required, providing long-term use without replacement parts.
  • Extensive Coverage: The Cannon UV-C Sterilizer can fully disinfect the air in a space of 1870 m³ within an hour.

Craftsmanship and Minimalist Design:

The perfect blend of craftsmanship and minimalist design ensures that the Cannon HVAC Air Sterilizer seamlessly integrates into any space.

Invest in the health and safety of your environment with the Cannon HVAC Air Sterilizer. Order now and breathe the purest air!

Dimensions30 x 120 x 30 cm
Weight24 kg
Power372 W
Compressed air speed1870 m³ per hour
Room volume1144 m³
Room surface381 m²
Germicidal power288 W
UV-C density39795 um/cm²


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