The Aruna is an infrared side heater.

Thanks to its directional radiant heat, this infrared heater is ideal as a supplementary heater. It provides direct heat energy and, compared to a traditional additional heater, its operation is more efficient and saves up to 2/3 energy, thanks to an intelligent automated circuit with remote control.

The device is easy to move thanks to an attached handle, it therefore effortlessly improves the user’s quality of life.

The device has a white surface with a stainless steel edge, and is available in two sizes (without the optional modules) :

30 x 50cm (200watt)
30 x 100cm (400watt)

Expansion possibilities :

  1. A LED lighting module can be mounted on top of the unit. The lighting is adjustable in three different light intensities by means of the remote control.
  2. A wireless audio module can also be mounted on top of the infrared heater. This powerful music module is controllable by bluetooth.