Indoor infrared heaters

Slimline Infrared Radiant Heater

The Slimline Infrared Radiant Heater is a new slim design infrared heater which heats up your room as the sun warms the earth. The electric […]

Flatscreen Infrared Radiant Heater

The Flatscreen Infrared Radiant Heater is a new design infrared heater which heats up your room as the sun warms the earth. The electric power […]

SuninS Surya high Speed infrared Radiant Heater

The SuninS Surya high speed Radiant Heater is the first hybrid space heater, supporting a sole radiation output as well as a radiation and convection […]

SuninA Aruna drying and sterilising Platform

SuninA Aruna is the first hybrid drying and sterilising platform that combines three drying solutions: radiant heat drying, hot wind drying and cool wind drying. The […]

SuninX Infrared Mirror Heater

The exceptional aesthetics and design of our infrared mirror heater SuninX provides an economical way to heat space whilst integrating a high quality bluetooth speaker […]

Infrared Radiant Heater Blacklight

Infrared Radiant Heater Blacklight The Infralia Infrared Radiant Heater Blacklight is an innovative and contemporary designed range of premium, high performance electric infrared heaters suitable […]

Glass Infrared Heating Panels

The glass infrared heating panels are compact and stylish electrical panels, with nice glass surface, which are the modern alternative to traditional and expensive heating […]

Metal Infrared Heating Panels

The infrared heating panels have a nice design with a white metal surface and temperature indication. The temperature setting can be done on the panel, […]

Ceramic Infrared Heating Panels

Why choose a Ceramic Infrared Heating Panel ? A Ceramic Infrared Heating Panel is a compact and stylish electric thermopanel, made of natural materials, which […]

Ceiling Heating Panels

Infrared ceiling heating panels are flat heating panels that can easily be attached to or in the ceiling. The surface consists of white silica alloy […]