Our products

Patio Heaters Inside/Outside

Infralia's patio heating is ideal for both small and large terraces. The patio heaters give off a pleasant warmth that makes wearing a jacket unnecessary in chillier weather. Some heaters can be used inside as well.

Radiant Heaters

The infrared radiant heaters are an innovative solution for low - cost and effective heating of your living room, bathroom, kitchen, office or workplace, but also your poolhouse, conservatory or covered terrace.

Wall Mounted Heating Panels

Heat your house or work place with infrared wall mounted panels. Different designs such as glass or ceramic, depending on your personal taste. All infrared panels are low cost, eco - friendly and plug & play.

Ceiling Mounted Heating Panels

Infrared ceiling panels have a high surface temperature for rapid heating. A connection to the electrical supply and a separate switch is required. Very useful for small rooms, where wall mounting is impossible.