Infrared bathroom heating is the perfect solution if you don’t feel like getting up early in the morning. You will win twice over: extra sleep and immediate warmth.

Selecting infrared bathroom heating

Which infrared bathroom heater you choose depends on three factors:

#1. The surface area and shape of the room: the larger the bathroom, the more appliances you will need. You can combine your current heater with a towel dryer.

#2. The desired heating speed: how long do you want to wait before the bathroom is warm? For instantaneous heat, a radiant heater is your best option.

#3. The mounting possibilities: is wall mounting possible, or do you only have space on the ceiling? The Surya offers a solution for smaller bathrooms.

SuninX Heater Badkamer

Is an infrared bathroom mirror heater sufficient?

If your bathroom has a standard size, then mirror heating is sufficient. The SuninX is an infrared heater that, for example, is equipped with a mirror and a towel dryer. With this device, you combine the best of different worlds. Is your bathroom quite large, or do you own a private spa? Then it is better to choose several devices.

How does a towel dryer work?

Hang the wet towels (or clothes) over the railing or on the drying platform, and choose the right setting. The SuninA allows you to dry via infrared, warm or cold wind. On days when a heated bathroom is not necessary, such as in summer, drying your towels using cold wind is a welcome choice. The advantage of a towel dryer is that it does not give bacteria in towels the chance to multiply.

Can I install heating above the shower?

Heating above or in the shower does not make sense. If you want to feel the effects of heating, choose heating outside the shower. Feel free to ask our advice if you are looking for a customised solution.

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