Looking for safe electric eeating? Then the Infralia infrared heating panels are for you. Not only are they safe, they are also energy efficient and can be integrated almost invisibly into your interior.

Infrared waves have nothing to do with microwaves, UV-rays or X-rays. They are sent out by each object that has a temperature above the absolute minimum (-273 ° C). This includes the human body.

The waves travel through the air or space and continue to do so until they reach an object or a body that will absorb them and release them again.

Infrared waves are divided into three sections: IR-A (short wave) IR-B (medium wave) and IR-C (long wave). The Alpina infrared panels provide only IR-C radiation with a wavelength of 10,000 nm. That wavelength is one hundred percent safe for humans and animal and has additional health benefits.


Safe for children and pets

A panel operating at full capacity has a warm surface, but not to the extent that a child, adult or pet could get burnt by touching it. Nor will other materials catch fire from it. So it is perfectly possible to hang a towel dryer near or over an infrared panel.

Finally, an electric infrared heating system produces no carbon monoxide (CO), which eliminates any chance of poisoning.