How efficient is infrared heating? We already know that an infrared heater is ecologically beneficial, efficient and good for the wallet. 👇

✅ An infrared heating panel of 600 Watts can heat approximately the same space as a traditional convection heater of 1500 Watts. It comes down to a saving of about 60%. Moreover, an infrared heater has an average life expectancy of +30 years increases these savings even more.

✅ It is not always necessary to heat every room in the house. In the morning, you often only need the bathroom and the kitchen. So why waste energy heating the entire house? Infrared heating can heat each room separately.

Calculate and compare infrared heating

Are you interested in infrared? Below you will find an overview of the required power per m² per type of room.

 RoomRecommended room temperaturePoorly insulated (required Watts per m²)Well insulated (required Watts per m²)
HomesLiving room22°C85 Watt75 Watt
Bedroom18 °C70 Watt60 Watt
Kitchen20°C77 Watt70 Watt
Study22°C85 Watt75 Watt
Offices/ShopsOffice24°C93 Watt85 Watt
Desk22°C95 Watt85 Watt
Shop18°C90 Watt80 Watt

💡 When calculating the power rating, it is necessary to ensure that the heat distributes properly. You want to divide the total energy output into smaller elements with a view to the size of the room and the installation height.

On average, we suggest using an output of between 60-150 Watt/m². In insufficiently insulated rooms or small rooms (less than ten m²), can use 150 Watt/m². In large spaces (from 30m²), you can use an output of 60 Watt/m².

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