We understand that you have questions regarding UV-C light and the benefits of air sterilization. We have listed several frequently asked questions.

Why is room air disinfection important?

Transmission of SARS-CoV-2 viruses mainly happens via aerosols emitted into the surrounding air when we breathe, speak, sing, etc. UVC ambient air disinfection effectively reduces the germ load in the environment – and not only during the Corona pandemic! 

How does UVC air disinfection work?

254 nm UVC radiation renders aerosols with viruses (corona and influenza viruses, to name but a few), bacteria, and mould spores inactive as well as harmless.

Science has rightly proven the high disinfection power of UV radiation and its damaging effect on coronaviruses. The disinfection of the air and surfaces with UVC radiation safely and efficiently minimizes the risk of infection with SARS-CoV-2 and other pathogens. 

Chemical-free UVC disinfection has been used successfully for many years in food production, water treatment, and health care (e.g. in hospitals and laboratories). 

How does the Infralia Airflow Sterilizer work?

The Airflow Sterilizer is a highly efficient UV system for air disinfection. Extremely low-noise fans actively route the germ-laden air into the unit interior, where it flows past UV lamps. Air volume, aerodynamics, flow speed, and UVC dosage work together to achieve excellent inactivation rates.

How easy are the operation and handling?

Each unit is Plug & Play and works with remote control, wifi, and voice control. A base stand model or simple installation on the ceiling or wall (or build-in) are also possible.

We would be happy to advise you on the ideal positioning of the units.

With its elegance, minimalist design, and quiet operation (less than 30db), the Infralia Air Sterilizer fits unobtrusively yet highly effectively into every room. 

Isn’t it enough to open the windows regularly to ventilate rooms?

Opening windows and doors produces an air exchange in the short term, but after this brief period, the germ or virus load increases again. In contrast, the Infralia Airflow Sterilizer ensures continuous air circulation and disinfection of the air, which helps to reduce the germ concentration sustainably.

What is the difference between HEPA filters and disinfection of the ambient air using UVC?

UVC air disinfection units do not require filter systems, so the Infralia Airflow Sterilizer does not have it. Regular replacements of expensive filters are not necessary. Replacing the UVC lamp is easy and only becomes required after approx. 16,000 operating hours.

The products in the Infralia Airflow Sterilizer series are particularly maintenance-friendly, energy-efficient, and quiet.

Do I have to leave the room while the airflow system is working?

No, not necessary! The Infralia Aerodynamic Airflow Sterilizer was designed with occupied room use in mind. There is no direct UVC exposure for people in the room.

According to the values measured by an external lighting laboratory, the units fall within the category free of risk as defined by DIN EN 62471 and thus gives no photo-biological hazard. 

  • It produces neither ozone nor other harmful substances
  • It has very safe housing.
  • It works without chemicals.

Do I still need to comply with the hygiene regulations?

Yes, please continue to follow the current hygiene rules. However, UVC air disinfection does reduce the risk of infection considerably!

Where can the Airflow Sterilizer be used?

Due to their easy handling and high safety standards, the units can be used anywhere, in particular in places where increased safety and low noise emissions are crucial, such as:

  • Offices, meeting rooms, and welfare areas
  • Doctor’s surgeries, hospitals
  • Health care facilities such as retirement and nursing homes
  • Day nurseries, schools, and educational institutions
  • Reception and waiting areas
  • The catering and hotel industry
  • Stores and the retail trade

We also offer bigger units, which are used, for example, in production halls. Ask for details!

What about when the Corona pandemic is over?

The Infralia Airflow Sterilizer will continue to reduce the risk of infection with viruses (like flu viruses), bacteria, or other germs.

Questions? Please let us know!