Over the years, ecological heating has become an interesting option when deciding on the heating system for the home or office. Naturally, two factors play a decisive role in this choice: Does it minimise harm to the environment? Is it affordable? Until recently, this was a no-win scenario: either there was ecological pollution from combustion or the truly ecological options were unaffordable.

With infrared heating a new era has dawned. The biggest difference is that, instead of heating the air, the objects and people in the room are heated directly. This heating is achieved with infrared rays, the same rays that the sun uses to heat the earth. This way of heating requires much less energy than traditional ways of heating.

The benefits of infrared heating are:

  • 50% less usage than traditional methods of heating
  • optimal and fast heat distribution
  • constant room temperature
  • each panel consists of 100% recyclable materials
  • infrared heating is sustainable energy

Cost Infrared heating

What about the costs? With infrared heating via heating panels, you only pay for the panel, which you can easily install using a plug socket. You therefore save a lot on the installation of a pipe system, which is required for conventional central heating.

Moreover, this electric panel heater consumes much less electricity than a conventional electric heater that heats air. The infrared radiation is pleasant and comfortable and does not dry out like other electric heaters.

For more information on the purchase price of each model of infrared panel heater please don’t hesitate to contact us directly and with no obligation via our contact form. We are very happy to help you and will gladly advise and assist you with your ecological heating needs.