Ecological heating has for some time now become a very conscious choice when deciding how to heat your home or office.

Naturally, two factors play a decisive role here:

👉 Is the heating method as environmentally friendly as possible?

👉 Is the heating method affordable?

Until recently, this was never an easy decision because two problems would arise. Either there was indeed pollution from burning, or the real ecological options were almost unaffordable.

With infrared heating, a new era has dawned. Instead of the air, now objects and people in the room are heated. The heating happens by infrared rays – the same radiation that the sun uses to warm the earth.

Infrared heating is very affordable, especially in the long run. The purchase price is usually a little higher than for traditional devices, but this way of heating requires much less energy. This way, you can save up to 50% on your energy bill. Heating is fast, and the heat produced is also optimal and constant.

Infralia uses ecological, recycled materials for its appliances. Infrared heating does not emit any CO2 – or at least it does when you use green electricity. You can also combine infrared with solar panels, for example.

And these are not the only advantages of infrared heating…!

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