We already know the benefits of infrared heating. So what are the disadvantages of infrared heating?

❌ The heating stops immediately when the system switches off. The room will therefore cool down again quickly after being switched off. For this reason, radiant heaters (such as the Surya) are sometimes better as auxiliary heaters than as main heaters.

❌ Certain types of patio heaters can become hot, making them dangerous near children and animals. Even adults should keep a distance from devices that emit an orange-red glow.

❌ Installation in the right place is essential. If not, room heating may be uneven. In larger rooms, you need several units to heat correctly. Only one infrared device will leave certain areas will remain unheated.

❌ You will need to make a little more effort to hide the cables, especially if there is no electrical outlet nearby. A cable duct will usually do the job.

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