How Efficient Is Infrared Heating ?

A 600 watt infrared panel will generally heat about the same area as a 1500 watt traditional space heater with convection heat. That’s a savings of about 60%!

The Infralia infrared heating panel has a rated life expectancy of more than 30 years. The consumer will likely purchase several replacement space heaters over the same period of time. Also, infralia does not require the use of humidifiers to maintain comfort, another savings.

Infralia can be used for zone heating an entire home. If the consumer gets up in the morning, goes in the bathroom, then the kitchen, … before leaving for the day, there is no need to heat an entire home.

Infrared Heating Panels Calculator

Below is a list of the required power (watts) per square meter to help you choose the most appropriate panel size, number and capacity. Feel free to contact us. We’ll be happy to guide you to choose the right kind of heating panels for your specific situation.

Homes Poorly insulatedWell insulated
Recommended temperature °CRequired Watts per m²Required Watts per m²
Living room22°C85 Watt75 Watt
Bedroom18 °C70 Watt60 Watt
Kitchen20°C77 Watt70 Watt
Study room22°C85 Watt75 Watt
Bathroom24°C93 Watt85 Watt
Offices/work spaceNon-insulated – Watt per m²Insulated – Watt per m²
Office22°C95 Watt85 Watt
Front desk22°C95 Watt85 Watt
Shop18°C90 Watt80 Watt
  • To calculate the total amount of watts needed, it is necessary for the heat to be well-spread and well-devided. The goal is thus to divide the total energy capacity into smaller elements (several panels) in order to heat up the overall space.
  • An extra 15% should be added for old or poorly insulated apartments or houses. 10% should be added to individual houses, 25% to individual poorly insulated houses.
  • An output of 150 Watt / m² is applied when the space is insufficient insulated. An output of 60 Watts / m² is used when the space meets the current insulation standards.