Infrared panels as energy-saving heating

High efficiency for low power consumption

Electric heating absorbs a lot of energy. Consumption is high, the efficiency remains low. Moreover, the feeling of comfort and quality is often substandard. Except for infrared panels. Infrared heating panels also work on electricity, but heating with infrared rays do not heat the air.

Infrared panels are energy efficient because of the way they work. The rays act directly on the objects, materials and people in the room. They offer high efficiency for low energy consumption.

How do infrared panels work?

A classic convection heater heats initially circulating air. Our infrared heating panels first people and objects, not the air around it. Infrared rays heat up the skin in a short time, and that warm glow goes through the blood circulation around the body. So you feel pretty soon a comfortable warmth while the surrounding air can be cooler.


This illustration shows the difference between conventional and convection heat infrared heater:


Infrared in nature

The best example of infrared in nature, is the sun. The infrared rays from the sun penetrate deep into us and give a warm feeling, regardless of the ambient temperature. Therefore, we can often ski in a T-shirt one schnapps drink on a terrace, while still only -5 ° C outside. And for the same reason you get the home or office, even in cold areas quickly warm. With low consumption.

Infrared Panels: the only electric heating which can be considered as energy saving.