Infrared heating can be used not only as central heating but also as auxiliary heating. The infrared heating can be used for renovations as well as for new builds.

Great for small spaces

Small spaces that need to be warm quickly benefit from an infrared heater. Because the air is not heated, a radiant heater ensures that an entire room heats within a short time. A bathroom, for example, requires quick heating within a short period.

bathroom auxiliary heating

Infrared as auxiliary heating

Infrared tends to go well with other energy sources such as gas and electricity. Infrared often functions as additional heating in the sitting area of the living room. Infrared is also an option in the office; not all employees have the same temperature preferences.

Economical heating system

Because an infrared heater needs less time to heat up and does not heat the air, you can save a lot of energy. Because the units have a built-in thermostat, you can easily programme when the heating system should operate.

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