Laboratory heating pads

When heating up a laboratory, hygiene and the guarantee of a constant temperature become extremely important. There are numerous reasons why infrared heating is the right choice for laboratory heating:
panel■ IR radiant heat: unlike traditional heating, no air convection heating, less bacteria and dust ‘fly around’.

■ Infrared heating reduces risk of fungi: objects, materials and walls are heated by radiant heat.

■ Smooth, flat and white surface of the IR-panel can be quickly and hygienically cleaned.

■ Constant reliable temperature: an open door is much less of a problem than with convection heating. Infrared warmth is much more constant.

■ No loss of space: extremely thin heating pads.

The PhotonPower infrared panels reduce the risk of transmission of infections through the air. Often, bacteria and dust particles are spread by air heaters and create an additional risk of cross-contamination in laboratories and hospitals. An infrared heating panel reduces the spread greatly. A room heated with infrared heat is a healthy space. Infrared panels are ideal for heating up laboratory areas.

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