Infralia IR panels

The Infralia Infrared heating panels are both decorative and functional. They’re not recognizable as a heating element. They fit perfectly into a modern contemporary living space or a classic interior. They generate a pleasant radiant warmth and ensure a direct and constant temperature in the living room.

Pleasant warmth

Invisible infrared rays heat up bodies and objects (walls, furniture, ceilings, etc.). As a result, the objects are generally about half a degree warmer than the room itself. Condensation on the walls doesn’t get a chance! Humidity problems such as molds can be prevented. Because of the warmer walls, the unpleasant sensation of a cold air flow is reduced when a door opens.

The absorbed heat is released back by the objects in the rest of the space. An even warmth is created as a result. Objects can retain more heat than air. The opening of a door doesn’t create a strong immediate decrease of the temperature in the room.

Heating in a healthy environment

Infralia infrared heating panels don’t heat the air, such as conventional heating does. Heating through radiators or convectors makes the air circulate, as well as dust and dust mites. This can have unpleasant consequences for people suffering from asthma. Moreover, infrared heating, just like the sun, has a positive effect on people and their immune systems.

This all contributes to a healthier environment. Heating by infrared panels doesn’t need any preheating mode or delay such as underfloor heating. You feel a pleasant instant warmth suddently after the activation of your panels.


Infralia is all about quality, design and comfort.