Infrared Heating for Businesses

Industrial infrared heaters are a relatively new way of heating which has been enjoying an increasing popularity to heat up companies’s spaces.

There are indeed many advantages for using IR-panels in business settings and factories.

Infrared Industrial Heating

Infrared heaters can be a good solution to heat up industrial premises. This often requires multiple panels to warm up a fixed number of cubic meters.

Infrared heaters are discreetly mounted into the ceiling, or can be used as eye-catching panels on the walls.


Our IR-panels can be easily inserted in the ceiling or on the walls of offices or studios. They give companies an environmentally-friendly image. And they can be taken off easily if you need to move to other premises.

Infrared panels are the most efficient solution for offices or workshops with old heating systems. An effective solution for offices, workplaces, and government buildings as well.


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