A pleasant office environment

Infralia Infrared heating panels offer a simple, fast, beautiful and healthy way to heat up offices.

Radiant heat is experienced as very pleasant. Think of the comfortable feeling of the sun, or the radiation heat from a wood stove. With infrared heating, electricity is converted into infrared light. Infralia heating systems make use of the non-visible portion of the infrared spectrum. No air is heated, but the walls, objects and bodies are targeted. Objects absorb the radiation and project it back to the space they are in.

Heat office spaces separately

The entire office building doesn’t need to be heated. You only heat up the space you really used. For example, if a meeting room is not in use, it doesn’t have to be heated. The same applies to the offices of persons who are not present. Infralia Infrared heating panels provide an easy and quick way to separate heat for these different spaces. The temperature can be controlled in each room. Warmth, whenever and wherever you really need it.

Space efficient heating panels

Infrared panels easily find their place in confined spaces. Besides as ceiling panels, they can also be used a wall panels, or as front panel displaying a logo for your reception desk. In the meeting room, it is possible to give a Power Point presentation on a standard white panel or to use the panel as a white board.

Clock thermostat

A clock thermostat make it possible for the panels to be turned on and off automatically at desired times. Using the thermostat keep the premises at the desired temperature.

In the workplace

Workshops, warehouses, public offices with old heating systems can install infrared panels as an easy efficient solution. One thermostat is sufficient for a constant temperature in each area of the building, no matter the number of panels.