Infrared Heating Hospital

Infrared heating is beneficial even in hospitals. An increasing number of medical environments such as pharmacies and laboratories choose to install infrared heating panels. Infrared heating in a hospital is chosen for many reasons. The compelling reasons being:

■ Bacteria spread less quickly. Infralia Photo Power infrared panels reduce the risk of transmission of infections through heated air. The heating happens through IR or infrared radiations, which requires little or no air movement. Often, bacteria and dust particles are spread by air heaters and represent an additional risk for patients. Infrared heating panels reduce the spreading greatly. A room heated with infrared heat is a healthy space.

■ Hygienic: the smooth, flat and white panels are designed to be attached to the wall or ceiling. They can be cleaned easily and they don’t collect any dust.

■ Healthy: infrared radiation is a natural comfortable way of heating that doesn’t make the air dry out. It is particularly suitable for people with respiratory infections, for whom dry air causes extra cough incentives. Moreover, IR radiation has a beneficial and healing effect on people with muscle aches and joint pain.

■ Energy efficient: save up to 50% on the energy bill by heating with infrared.

■ Space-saving: by attaching the thin panels on the wall, valuable space can be saved in a small hospital room.

■ Safe: infrared heaters will not overheat. They can be integrated as towel heaters. There is much less risk of fire than with conventional methods of heating.

The full list of advantages of infrared heating can be consulted here. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

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