Infrared Heating via the Ceiling

Ceiling heating using infrared heating panels is a relatively new way of heating. It is a form of electric heating, but one of the innovation is that no air is heated as in conventional heating systems.

IR-rays or infrared rays are emitted from the electric ceiling panels. This infrared radiation directly heats up people, materials and objects in the space, without losing any energy by heating the air. It’s based on the same principle as solar heat.

Ceiling Infrared Heating | Infralia

Benefits of ceiling heating using infrared

■ Space-saving: heating panels being attached to or build-in into the ceiling, you have more space for furniture.
■ Hygienic: infrared ceiling panels collect no dust deposits. They are very suitable for hospitals and laboratories.
■ Energy saving: up to 50% energy saved compared to conventional heating.
■ Discrete: heating panels are invisibly mounted in your ceiling.
■ Fast and easy installation: a power outlet is all you need to activate the ceiling heaters. No pipes or conduits have to be constructed. If you already have an old ceiling heater, it can easily stay in place while the infrared ceiling heater is installed.


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