Infrared heating in the bedroom

Sleep, hobby rooms and attic spaces usually require a lower temperature than other living areas. It is often needed to increase the temperature temporarily during, for example, homework or practicing a hobby.
Such an adjustment in temperature is often not possible because the thermostat of the existing heating system is located in the living room. Previously electric heating offered a solution, but it had some obvious drawbacks, including energy use and dry ambient air.

Now there is a new kind of bedroom electric heating. It combines the advantages of the classic electric heater with a low energy consumption and a comfortable warmth. It has no effect on the air humidity. Heating with infrared does not heat air, but warm up objects and people in the room. No more dry air, or loss of energy by heating the air.

Infralia infrared heating panels provide an easy and quick way to separate rooms when heating your home. The temperature is managed with a separate thermostat. Warmth, but only whenever and wherever you need it.

Infralia offers a broad range of IR-panels to fit in your interior. You can even personalize your panel using a visual to fit a child’s room. The plug-and-play and mobility of our panels make them ideal supplementary heaters. You can place the panel where you need it. All you need is a plug socket.

Benefits of Infrared Heating in the bedroom

  • Suitable as a main heating or supplementary heating
  • Beneficial effects on your health: ideal for people with sensitive airways or joint pains
  • Hygienic: the flat white panels and the method of heating ensures that no dust is collected and fly around the room.
  • Natural: Sun-like IR-radiations but without the harmful UV (ultra-violet)
  • Mobile version: activated with a plug socket.
  • Adjustable per room with a thermostat.

Infralia panels, a simple choice!
Infrared Heating Bedroom | Infralia
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