An infrared heater can fit in anywhere in your home, even in the bathroom!

The panels are extremely light and flat: they’re easy to install and hang anywhere, even on plaster walls.

A bathroom usually consists of a limited amount of space: most of the time, installing only one panel will be more than enough to warm up the entire bathroom. The only thing you need is a power outlet. You don’t need to build or install anything: no tubes and no hefty installation. You can choose whether to mount the infrared heating panel in the ceiling or on the wall of the bathroom. An infrared panel is a healthy low-cost heating system coming in with a 5-year warranty. If you ever move to another home, just take the panel off to install it in your new home.

Or contact us for any questions you may have about measuring and calculating the amount of energy needed.

Bathroom heating, why choose infrared?

Infrared heating in the bathroom creates a pleasant and intense feeling compared to the same amount of heat produced with a traditional air heating system. Unlike other heating methods, infrared heaters do not warm up the air, but target directly objects and persons. This phenomena is called radiant heat. The infrared radiations warm up your body, not the air around, enabling you to enjoy a comfortable warm feeling, even when you have to go out of the shower ! A relaxing warmth welcomes you as soon as you step out of the shower or bath.

You’ll also notice that the bathroom and towels dry faster. Bathroom mold becomes a thing of the past: the walls of the bathroom dry faster, the whole room becomes healthier.

An IR-heater in the bathroom is thus the perfect form of heating for anyone looking for an environmentally-conscious, healthy and comfortable heating solution. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

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