Infralia has been in existence since 2003 as a spin-off from Alpina Belgium and is a major manufacturer and supplier of heating products. Our heating range includes infrared panel heaters, radiant heaters, portable heaters, outdoor heaters, patio heaters, infrared heaters and wall & ceiling heating. All our heaters are electric and suitable for a wide range of residential and commercial heating applications.

In 2020 we developed our patented system for Airflow Sterilisation. In the fight against Covid19, we believe that clean and pure air indoors has become a sanitary need. Since then, we have developed a full range of air sterilizers, based on the principle of UVC and aerodynamics. These devices target all indoor spaces where people come together, private or commercial.

Infralia guarantees design and quality. Our rapidly growing customer base proves that customers appreciate the benefits provided by our infrared heating solutions. The Covid19 pandemic has underlined the need for clean air indoors.

Infralia is a registered brand name and trademark, well known by professional and private users. Our devices provide a warm welcome in many offices, homes, restaurants, gymnasiums, workshops, etc. -in other words, all the places where you like to come into the warmth and where clean air is guaranteed.

Infralia: Our vision and mission

As pioneers in infrared heating for commercial and residential use, we know that infrared heating will be the heating of choice for the future. Conventional heating systems cannot compete with the many benefits of infrared heating.
The same also applies to our UVC Air sterilizers. Covid19 has shown us the need for clean air for the future.

Easy to install, environmentally friendly, safe and efficient

With our infrared heating panels, we bring pleasant, inexpensive and ecological heat into every home. The infrared heating applications are endless: ideal for playrooms, kitchens, living rooms, offices, bathrooms and so on, for private or commercial use. Even larger spaces such as restaurants, shops, warehouses and workshops can be efficiently, comfortably and healthily heated with infrared heating.
The UVC Air Sterilizers have the same easy installation and need no maintenance.

Infralia is constantly looking for innovation

In 2014 we developed a smart mirror heater for bathrooms, with integrated led light, Bluetooth connection, air ionisation and towel heating.
As of 2020, our newly developed range of aerodynamic UVC Air Sterilizers has become a high need in the war against Covid19. People have become more aware of the need for clean air indoors, for private, commercial and medical use, or in schools.

Infralia, innovative technology inspired by the sun!