Not sure what type of patio heating is right for you? Generally speaking, there are two main categories of patio heaters: gas patio heaters and infrared patio heaters. We tell you why infrared is worth considering.

✅ Infrared warms you. Whereas conventional patio heaters heat the entire area, infrared heaters focus on the user’s body. As a result, the feeling temperature is much higher with infrared heat. This way, you are warm immediately.

✅ Infrared is healthy and environmentally friendly. Infrared patio heaters do not emit any waste products, which makes them eco-friendly. Infrared is also good for your health. Better blood circulation helps reduce muscle pain.

✅ Infrared is silent. An infrared patio heater does not need a fan, so it is silent. Therefore they are suitable for every type of user. Combined with the warm glow, you can enjoy a cosy and quiet atmosphere.

✅ Infrared is cost-effective. The fact that infrared only emits warmth in areas where it is needed means that the consumption costs are limited. In contrast to warm air, thermal radiation lingers. Infrared terrace heating thus uses almost 100% of the heat produced.

✅ Infrared requires little effort and maintenance. An infrared heater does not need gas cylinders, engines or air filters. This heater requires little work. Only the reflectors should occasionally be polished. Plug in and ready!

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